Sunday, 26 July 2009

Dhow Cruise

To celebrate the departure from the project and the retrun to Canada for three of our collegues, we organized a boat trip in the doha bay on a typical arabic boat (called a Dhow). Here are some photos:

1. View of the "old" Doha center
2.The famous Museum of Islamic Arts designed by Pei.

3.The sheikh and his ministers
4. Our Dhow

Friday, 24 July 2009

West Bay

West Bay is one of the trendy neighborhood in Doha. At first glance it seems like "the place to be", nevertheless looking into more details, living there is like living in a perpetual construction site with the dust, noise and smell that goes with it.

Nature, where are you hiding?

Even if it seems obvious that nothing comes from the ground naturally when you are living in a desert, it is sometimes surprising how the lack of imagination combined with mass buiding creates alignment in the qatar artificial environment.

Discovery along the road...And I really can't tell you how it happened
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Crise : tout ne va pas si mal

Spécialement pour les européens, quelques liens qui montrent que la crise ne touche pas les pays et les entreprises de la même façon:
Canada :
Qatar :

Espérons que l'Europe s'en sortira également en 2010

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Dune Bashing


To enjoy my only afternoon of week-end last week, I decided to go Dune Bashing with some friends. Nonetheless is dune baching funny, but also, it is the only way to go to the inland sea at the bottom south of the country. Some videos for you...

The following videos show our "stuck in the sand" story, where 2 trucks over 4 got stuck, in the middle of the desert with a 50 degrees cool air...

Friday, 19 June 2009

Salam Alaikum

Comme je l'avais dit à beaucoup avant de quitter le Canada et pendant mon week-end marathon au mois de mai en France, j'ouvre un blog pour présenter mes expériences et découvertes au Moyen-Orient et plus précisément le Qatar. Je compte en effet passer quelques mois, pour raisons professionnelles, dans le pays possédant le PIB par Capita le plus élevé au monde et vous faire partager, humblement, mes impressions et quelques tranches de vie dans ce bac à sable rempli de gaz et de pétrole.